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Does Infidelity Affect the Outcome of the Divorce?

Beyond being a “fault” that can end a marriage, how does infidelity figure into the consequences of divorce in areas such as alimony, custody, child support, and visitation/parenting time issues?

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Common Misconceptions About Divorce

Marriage was a major step in your life. Divorcing after building a life together is an even bigger one.

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Your Life After Bankruptcy

Through August 2021, there have been 10,439 personal bankruptcy filings in the state of Tennessee. These filings are split fairly evenly between liquidation plans (53%) and reorganization plans (47%), according to American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) data.

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Common Bankruptcy Myths

If you live in Northeastern Tennessee and are considering bankruptcy for financial relief, you are not alone. In 2020, there were over 8,333 bankruptcy filings in the state. Despite lower bankruptcy filings than previous years, Tennessee still stands at 94% above average when it comes to bankruptcy cases.

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Serious Answers to Serious Questions About Bankruptcy in Tennessee

When I was younger, before my professional identity had taken shape, and I knew the mark I wanted to leave on this world, I met several people touched by huge financial challenges. These were good, hardworking folks who, through bad luck or careless error, found themselves struggling to make ends meet.

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What You Can Do to Prepare for Bankruptcy

From January to the end of June 2021, 7,888 individuals and businesses in Tennessee sought protection under the bankruptcy code, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI). More than half (55 percent) chose to liquidate everything, while the rest sought a form of reorganization to reduce their debt load and retain their possessions.

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